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Travel Information & Tips

Sri Lanka Holidays
Sri Lanka is renowned as the country with the most number of holidays in the world! Every month we celebrate a Poya Holiday which is the Full Moon day. On this day, no alcohol will be sold or can be purchased. However, liquor may be served to the room (not in hotel public areas)only to hotel residents. Most of the shops could also be closed and it is not a good day for shopping etc.
We recommend that you buy bottled water for drinking purposes. Avoid drinking water from taps.
The Sea can be very appealing and at the same time very dangerous. Do not swim where warning signs such as flags are put up.
Sri Lanka is a shopper’s paradise with a wide variety of handicrafts at very reasonable prices. We are also famous for gems, finished jewellery, silver ware and spices. Other best buys are garments (Sri Lanka produces many of the clothes found in the large Department Store chains in the US, UK and Europe), handloom upholstery and sarongs, and fine porcelain tableware. We advice you to purchase all items from Sri Lanka Tourist board licensed shops for genuine products.

Sri Lanka's currency is the Rupee. The Rupee is divided into 100 cents. While the currency notes come in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000. The coins come in denominations of Rupees 1, 2, 5, 10 and cents 5, 10, 25, 50.

All major currencies are accepted by hotels. All major banks are represented at the airport and we recommend that you en- cash your foreign currency from the airport for a better exchange rate.
Credit cards such as Master, Visa, American Express are widely accepted.

Visit to Places of Worship
It is required that you remove your shoes at places of religious worship such as the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy and other Buddhist and Hindu temples, shrines etc. Shorts and short skirts are not acceptable attire. You should cover your legs and your shoulders when visiting these sacred places of worship.
Do not attempt to be photographed with Buddhist monks or to pose for photos with statues of the Buddha or other deities and paintings. Photography is prohibited in certain sections of the sacred sites as well as sensitive areas such as airport, dams and military areas.
Hill Country - Cool Climates
The climate is cool like Spring season in Europe and therefore advisable to use pullovers and jackets to keep warm. Temperatures range between 8 and 20 degrees from night to day.
Use a good sun tan lotion if staying in the sun for long hours. The Afternoon sun can be very hot. It is good to wear hats, and cotton clothes. Drink plenty of water.
Beach Touts
There have been many occasions where tourists have been cheated by beach touts. We strongly advice you not to associate with them for personal safety reasons. If you do so it will be at your own risk and we will not take the responsibility for any tours booked outside our organization